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[1]  video shot close up. video time 5 minutes.

Bellows failure,only pull bellows.other failures

only play single tone.  Don't show your face.

[2]  at video time,  dictating your location

purchase time, brand model

whether maintenance,fault source

and the cause of the general situation.

[3]  Don't Dictation, Don't make a sound video

or send a picture only, all be regarded as invalid

Oral video will serve as an important

reference for formal maintenance.

[4] SCOPE of repair undertaken

Last century:Accordion at home and abroad

This century:Foreign Accordion

Partial brand Accordion and  domestic Accordion.

[5] Don't answer the self-demolited consultation,

Don't  accept self-demolition inspection

Don't  sell accessory parts

it will be blacklisted such as calls

voicemails, pictures, breaking in without an

appointment, and other harassment

Information will keep for 3 days

later inquires, need to re-send the video. Please know.

[6] relevant professional knowledge (anti-virus, no retweeting).

Input website at  BaiDu

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No.5 Accordion Maintenance Service 

[1] don't entrust others,if you can deliver it yourself.

[2] Reception time 14:00 pm.  several maintenance

points can be parked. accordian delivery

by hand (or express delivery)

Don't accept the repair business of dismantled parts.

[3] three days before the notification.

the departure (express) 6 hours before reconfirmation.

Departure (express) immediate verification

confirmation of mutual information.

WECHAT PHONE: 189-1702-0116 

No.6    Analysis of accordion repair common faults

[ Papers Keywords: accordion; fault; maintenance

[ Abstract]: The accordion is a popular instrument, but also a precision instrument constructed in accordion playing,

often not inplace due to maintenance of the emergence of a variety of failures, thus affecting the performance results.

Articles for the accordion recurring problems, according to its external and internal structure, made feasible methods and strategies.

So players use and reference.

Accordion is a young Western keyboard by the people of Vienna, Austria, invented in 1829, secret be content with it a wide range of applications, performance is relatively simple, easy to carry, beautiful sound, wide range, rich and expressive.

Can all play the melody and rhythm is currently widespread in  China, is widely and popular musical   instrument.

First, the accordion repair right FAQs In the process of using the accordion, right up to the key problems or Jianniu insensitive reaction, while the left hand is prone to leakage, bass, keys unresponsive and so on.

Let' s look at the situation right. Whether or Jianniu accordion keyboard style accordion, piano mostly imported through the use of wear-type keys of fixation, so one can not separate one key or Jianniu win.

Only from bass to start a key to a key under demolition. This means that if the highest sound piano keys out of the question on all of the keys must be removed or Jianniu all to solve the problem, here Please note,

if a similar situation, must be handled carefully so as not to disassemble Doing so may cause a bigger problem becausenow matching accessories and imported little piano,

(piano  imported brands, too many models specifications are not uniform)

component is damaged it will be difficult with the right when the button or Jianniu response sensitive one when there are two possible deformation caused by damp wood sub-key,

in which case the piano should be placed in a dry environment, over time, would naturally turn for the better, such as also did not improve the best solution to find professionals .

Second, transmission parts lubricated well. to open the front panel in a bad place to lubrication point a very small amount of sewing machine oil, a little bit is enough, do not be too much.

Second, the accordion repair common faults left Accordion leak is often left a common fault, it not only affects the accordion sound, volume, and accompanied by noise, soplayers often make a big headache.

To solve the accordion leak, the first should be clear that where possible leak , and then carefully inspected, after accurately determine the appropriate approach to use.

Accordion leak caused a variety of reasons, find the' cause' before they can prescribe the right medicine.

1 box slotted piano: piano box slotted for two reasons, first, the production of wood does not dry and piano box, and when weather conditions change, the piano box will appear seamless and leak.

The second is not in production carefully crevices. first to determine where gaps in, remove the decorative cover accordion right and left of the shell driver, push-pull force Feng face close this case while moving back and forth up and down both sides and to determine the leak area, then use a little thick,

white plastic plug the gap at until after the glue dry leak test to see if you can install using the.2 bellows failure:

the same way to determine where the leak bellows four weeks, then remove the bellows pad apron observe whether there curled, with debris, i

f any, clean flatten Pidian lookout box installed, but sometimes may be damagedaging skin Lun, which requires the replacement of new skin mortar, no temporary use

if the right hand blow-molded paper instead. years old accordion, lookout box welcome light to a photo, look on the sheepskin bellows for damage Angular leaks, holes need to be replaced if there are sheep or make do with white tape glue moment.

3 Annex loose: accordion bellows buckle strap screws are fixed through the shell from the inside with a nut tightened, these screws loose can also cause leakage accordion. First using the above method to determine

which parts of the leak, then the screws removed, some of the wax tothe hole in the plug can be installed as is, if the screw wear Kongtai Song, available dead wood stick to punch holes again.

The same approach can solve the pin loose bellows leak.sound spring cover: Remove the decorative cover  and accordion shell driver, you can see a lot of stick with  sheep' s rectangular metal plate,

which is the sound spring cover and it is not correct, grievance, or with debris can cause leakage, Adjust the spring cover plate must be careful, carefulobservation around the side,

the side with needle nose pliers alittle bit of correction. vent cover also the same problem, the solution is the same, sometimes the tension spring will be on the cover loss or weakness, which requires re-installed or replacement springs. .. com

5 spring box, reed: Remove the air box, we could see a lot of stick with reed reed box if the box spring deformation leak, box spring can be removed, woolen pad below the right position, t

hen Tighten up the box spring using too long accordion sound of leather on the spring may be curled, loss, loss of function caused by wind leakage, should be put on a good tone leather. In addition to each seat surrounded by reed wax sealed to prevent leakage.

In addition, the left hand bass buttons unresponsive tothis phenomenon is very common. And often when the keys will be accompanied by mechanical friction sound. This problem is usually caused by deformation bass button link  leading to the occurrence of this problem for two reasons.

First, the reasons for manufacturing in the manufacturing process of adjusting the button after a period button link metal springback deformation. Second, when we are playing the violin left hand often difficult places

such as fauna, small hand greater than ten degrees and pull the two-tone or chord. encounters where some of our players enjoyed in practice often do not pay attention in the palm of your hand position 

enjoyed before the first adjustment to the big jump that will be close to the location of Jianniu near Then we went to press that Jianniu. but the first finger hooked hand that will take place after Jianniu key, because the metal rod bass keys is fine,

so many times repeated practice likely to cause the acceleration to mechanical deformation lead button unresponsive. want to have this habit of playing the player can change the look,

I hope the teachers teaching their students to take note of whether there is such a problem. If this  mechanical failure can only be repaired by a professional

because the adjustment button link is required to use specialtools to carry out, or even need to remove part of the button to repair, may be repaired or the bad of that.

Third, the failure to prevent the accordion Accordion is a delicate instrument. In order to avoid the occurrence of failure, timely maintenance is also important intransit should avoid strong vibration in the use, maintenance,

there must be moisture-proof, because the accordion reeds, with special Polished steel is made, once the rust, not only affects the pitch, and corrosion due to rust, will lose the flexibility that broken reed. In addition, whether or sheepskin   flexibility that broken reed.

In addition, whether or sheepskin bellows Coner, once the tide changed to open plastic, soft and will lose tightness, make bellows leakage, loss of elasticityin the winter,

whether it is moved from cold to hot at the piano, or, conversely, be careful not to cold and hot temperatures, because it makes the piano in the air condenses moisture on the reed, causing rust. piano external dust with a soft cloth,

the piano piece shell chemical stains can be cleaned with a damp  cloth dipped in a small amount of soap. In addition, when the key is not excessive force, or a long press, so as not to spring failure.

Conclusion Accordion is a worldwide one of the most widely popular instruments in modern times, not only inthe professional music on the accordion, but also in popular  music and cultural life also occupies a very important position for the accordion accordion maintenance worker prosperityand development of the arts laid a good foundation

and we believe that the majority of professionals and amateur accordion continued collaborative effort with the Chinese characteristics of the accordion-style art of the flower, will big flowers in our garden, open to a more beautiful fragrance


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